Why the Sri Lanka People a problem for your Investment?

Status 2015: First of all, almost all Sri Lankan people think, all foreigners are rich and we have to cheat the foreigners to get the money from them!

If you make an agreement with a Sri Lankan person, the agreement is useless!

Sri Lankan people cheats also each other! Sri Lankan people think cheating is business! Therefore it is very common in Sri Lanka.

In Sri Lanka they have still the Caste system. The people say, that the caste from the coast is the worst caste! This casts are the fishing people. No other caste in Sri Lanka trust this caste!

It is very difficulty to find a honest Sri Lanka person if you are on holiday in Sri Lanka. Inside people are not so bad as the people on the coast.

But not all people are sharks in Sri Lanka! There are so many dearly people. Unfortunately the dearly people has to suffer from the sharks.

Many Sri Lanka people pinched by poverty because the rich people in Sri Lanka are not interested to help the poor people.

Be carefully if you make a Investment in Sri Lanka


You can make a nice holiday in Sri Lanka but be carefully if you make an investment